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Never Be Surprised By a Market Downturn

If you are an investor you should never be shocked when the markets go down. You should be ready for it…you should expect it.

Something I hear a lot is someone say “I knew this person who was about to retire but then the markets crashed and then they couldn’t retire. They had to work for another 5 years.” You should never be surprised by a market downturn. You should never be an investor and build your financial plan or retirement plan based on the markets never having a downturn. That has never been the way that markets work, and they never will work that way.

Markets are cyclical – they have wonderful periods of growth followed by dramatic periods of downturn and again more wonderful periods of growth. That’s the way things have always worked. We have no guarantee of how things will work in the future, but we do know that we should never be surprised by a downturn because they happen so often that it’s basically normal market activity.

So, if you want to have success in your investing, you need to know what to do when markets have a downturn, not be surprised by it.


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