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The Genius of Semi-Retirement

Over the last decade or so the idea of what a great retirement looks like has really changed quite a bit.

What we’ve found is that the whole idea of hitting 60 and just quitting everything is actually really disappointing. It gets boring. And lonely.

Plus, 60 isn’t even old anymore. In fact, my father-in-law is in his early 70’s and he is without a doubt way cooler than I am. Seriously. He wears skinny jeans and everything. He’s the real deal.

And he still works. When he feels like it. Not because he has to. But because he can. And he wants to. He likes spending time with people. And he still likes making money.

It’s a huge trend in retirement. And it’s genius. Because the longer you can hold off spending your own investments, the more your pot of money can compound on itself and grow.

And the difference it makes in your long-term wealth can be enormous.


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