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Retirement Investment Growth

Doing it right while keeping it simple.

Over the years, it has become abundantly clear to us that much of the"song and dance" performed in the financial services industry is simply a strategy to justify high fees. But complexity does not equal excellence.

Building long-term wealth and mapping out a rock-solid retirement plan can actually be an enjoyable process. And it can be done very well without getting overly complicated.

That's our focus. We weed out all the noise, build you a simple yet strategic game-plan, and we keep the costs well below the industry average.

Investement performance

Complexity does not equal excellence. Data as of June 30, 2022. (Source)

We offer two options to access our advice and planning services. 

Full Access

Our most popular option. Best suited for those looking for a long-term, hands-on advisory relationship and have a minimum of $200,000 in investable assets.


Essentially, you have us on retainer and we are very much with you throughout all of life's major transitions, especially the ultra-pivotal pre and post retirement phases. 


This option includes everything we offer in the fee-for-service option but on an ongoing and far more involved basis.


It also includes top-shelf discretionary portfolio management via one of the select investment counsel portfolio managers we partner with.


1.5% or less (including all MERs & trading expenses), per year.* With this option you do not pay out-of-pocket. Rather, the price is included in the management expenses paid within your investment portfolio.

While we are not a discount service, we do care about doing an excellent job at a great price. This is why we are priced well below the industry average of 2.2% per year.

*We do have access to options that cost more. However, our bias is towards quality options at a lower cost.


Best suited for those looking for a detailed retirement game-plan but do not require an ongoing relationship nor portfolio management.

For this option, we keep it simple but thorough. We walk you through your current situation, your retirement goals and the most efficient strategies to make them happen.

This also includes running the numbers on when it's best for you to start your CPP and OAS benefits (this decision alone has the potential to add a huge amount to your retirement income), stress testing your plan against common financial risks (such as high inflation, extended market downturns and living longer than expected) and more.


Single: $2,500

Couple: $3,000


Corporate/Rentals (if you are incorporated or have more than one rental property): $5,000

All plans include three months of post-delivery support to answer questions, clarify or discuss any financial planning concerns that may arise.

*Taxes not included in the above prices.

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